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The first novel "In the Mingled Midst" is the first of a four part series. It follows many years of working with groups to bring together a self and a team self-improvement scheme.


The novel was designed to introduce rapidly increasing social factors, but to also show that there are answers.


People who had undertaken Defining Lines, also became interested in how to be more neighbourly.

In 2009 they struck up good relations with local authorities and Police, to form a new kind of Neighbourhood Watch (in Burnley, Lancashire). Locally, crime figures reduced to zero, and in 2014 they received national recognition for Innovation.


The website that showcases all of this is www.brunshawneighbourhoodwatch.co.uk .


In the Mingled Midst is authored by me, Gillian Atkinson. It the first story is a benevolent character, and to highlight the origin of his good community spirit the second novel will tell of his 200 hundred year background, and the adventurous family adventures that happen along the way.


As a team we have had our own adventures of linking with families and encouraging people to have a taste of different activities such as events happening around our town or doing outdoor activities of hiking, cycling, boating, and camping or even just making the best of our town parks.

The social interaction, has enabled to be open about their concerns, and we have worked on getting things done around our neighbourhood to make the place more user friendly.


The package “Defining Lines Programme” is featured on it's own Page on this website, it is something that just encourages basic evaluation, to any style and size of group. It is an ideal motivator and i would encourage anyone to have a browse, and even get involved by using the Contact Page.

New ventures can bring success!

Guidelines of the Neighbourhood Watch work